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Watch Winders Accessories - Watch Winders Eilux Watch Winders Collection

An automatic watch winder keeps your fine self-winding mechanical watch moving, thus emulating wearing the watch on wrist. This way your watches will always be fully wound and in "ready-to wear" condition. Of course, the convenience of not having to hand wind and reset your automatic watch isn`t the only reason to use a watch winder. An automatic watch winder helps to prevent the problem of oil "pooling" when a watch is not moving. All mechanical watches use oil to reduce friction in the myriad moving parts contained in the movement. When the watch is running, the lubricant is evenly distributed throughout the movement wheels. The lubricant begins to disrupt its even distribution or "pool" once the watch stops for a long period of time. When the next time the watch begins running again, many of the moving parts will have little to no lubricant present. This will not only affect the watch`s accuracy, but will also damage the moving parts and cut short the service life of the watch. All EILUX Watch Winders employs a solid-state microprocessor that controls the super-metal conductor engine that intermittently drives a rotating compartment. This rotating unit carries the spring-loaded watch holder, which rotates inside the compartment to give maximum protection for all your fine automatic watches.
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