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Sparta Ac Mini Black Leather w05030 - Orbita Rotorwind

Sorry, this item is no longer in stock. It may be that it is discontinued by the manufacturer or that we choose not to carry it in stock any longer. Please take a look at our current collection of Orbita . We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Availability: Sold out

Country : United States
Brand : ORBITA
Collection : ROTORWIND
Model : W05030

Orbita Sparta MINI affordable watchwinder with MAXI performance. Low voltage wall plug-in transformer with motor and gearing system that makes up this unique AC design.

Technical Guide:
Unlike other watchwinders which rotate a watch in order to wind it, these unique watchwinders gently swing the watch instead. Every 10 minutes (standard program), the internal control microprocessor signals the drive motor to make a single turn, causingthe watch to swing back and forth for several oscillations just as it would if it were being worn on the wrist.
Orbita oscillating winding. The oscillating winding action of the SPARTA winder is totally self-regulating and there is absolutely no chance of damaging an expensive watch by over-winding. A semi-circular rotor, attached to the back of the mounting cup, is the "heart" of the patented ROTORWIND« system. Made from a dense, non-magnetic iron material, it is supported by two free-turning precision ball bearings, thus enabling the heavy mass of the rotor to produce the "back and forth" motion when the cup is raised and then released from the 12 o'clock position.
This SPARTA 1 MINI is fully covered with black faux leather. .
4.2"W x 4.2"H x 5.2"L.
1.7 lbs.
Although the size is MINI, the performance of this very affordable watchwinder is MAXI. Operating on safe low voltage with a wall plug-in transformer, the motor and gearing system is what makes this AC design unique. We have coupled together an AC synchronous motor with a gearbox that reduces output speed to an unbelievably slow six revolutions per hour. Consequently, the output speed is only one revolution every 10 minutes. That is the same time cycle as in battery-operated DC versions, which has been proven to successfully wind virtually every automatic mechanical watch tested. The winder is absolutely silent in operation and perfect for bedside use. .
2 YEARS Manufacturer's Warranty.

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